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Transpersonal means “beyond the person.” Transpersonal Coaching sees the client as a spiritual person having a human experience, recognizing spirituality and therefore spiritual healing, to cultivate a more ‘holistic’ approach in achieving personal growth.

Problems and challenges are seen as the result of disorder in our lives. We can work toward self-completeness, overcoming adversity and obstacles, when we put certain key elements back in balance & in alignment with who you truly are.

We need to investigate why you have the experiences that you do and focus on the development and implementation of strategies to reach client identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.

My specialization is psychic development and spiritual ascension. I bring more to the coaching table by connecting with your energy to help pinpoint certain areas in your life that may need psychic guidance.

My enhanced sessions are done in conjunction with hypnosis, Reiki, and psychic readings. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and can be done via phone, Skype, or in-person.

$100 per session




  1. relating to a physical or non-physical realm.
  2. being beyond ordinary or common experience, thought, or belief
  3. abstract or metaphysical
  4. Philosophy-

a. beyond the contingent and accidental in human experience, but not beyond all human knowledge.

b.pertaining to certain theories, etc., explaining what is objective as the contribution of the mind



  1. a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist

Let me meet you where you are, and walk with you to where you’re going.

Psychic Development Coaching Packages

Psychic Development is an incredibly fast growing industry. Many people want to develop their intuition & expand their awareness but it can be difficult to find the right teacher and program. A lot of these programs teach a limited scope and are one-size-fit-all that simply do not work for everyone. My Psychic Development Coaching is one-on-one, using a flexible model, with a balanced style of teaching. For more info about me, my abilities, and my beliefs please visit my ‘About Me‘ page.

I will enhance your level of intuition and psychic awareness. This is a highly personalized process that begins by identifying your intuitive strengths, level of development, and knowledge base. I will look at your blocks and move you forward.

Each month we’ll have 4 calls together (1 each week). On those calls we’ll set action plans to be completed between calls. I will provide you resources that will benefit you based on your specific objectives. All of the rest of the time you will have access to me via email.

Packages can range from 1 month to 12 months with monthly installments of $325. *Serious inquiries ONLY! With this program, you have to do the work. I will show up, will you?

Metaphysical Hypnosis & NLP

 Separate hypnosis sessions are available that cover metaphysical concepts such as:

  • Astral Travel (OBE)
  • Psychic Development (Enhancing the Clair’s)
  • Channeling
  • Meeting Spirit Guides
  • Regression Therapies (Current & Past Life, Alien Abduction & Experiencer)

Each Hypnosis session lasts approximately 1 hour and is done via Skype or in-person. Every client is also provided an audio recording of the session to listen to on their own.

Individual Hypnosis sessions are $75

**To inquire about One-on-One sessions or to book appointments please fill out the contact form below. Requests are typically answered within 48 hours.