Soul Path Bridging & Trends SM

60 minute – Soul Path Bridging℠ & Energy Work Sessions $80

Are you ready to break through, get clarity and confidence in your purpose, and align with your highest potential? My signature Soul Path Bridging℠ & Energy Work Sessions are designed to release blocks, bridge the gap between self and soul, and initiate healing towards self-actualization. They are swift at getting more of what supports you!

My sessions are fueled by my intuitive and channeling ability and are a culmination of what I’ve learned over the past 2 decades; incorporating modalities such as Reiki energy healing, chakra activations/attunements, Time Travel trigger releasing, and NLP.

Soul Path Bridging℠ is nothing short of transformation, especially great for the spiritually minded individual who has the desire to serve and is ready for a breakthrough.

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Quantum Coaching

60 minute – Monthly Coaching Session $70

Quantum Light Coaching sees the client as a spiritual person having a human experience, recognizing spirituality and therefore spiritual healing, to cultivate a more ‘holistic’ approach to achieving self-mastery.

Problems and challenges are seen as the result of limiting beliefs, disorder, and imbalance in our lives. We can work toward self-completeness, overcoming adversity and obstacles, and attaining personal growth when we put certain key elements back in balance and focus on expanding our awareness to who we truly are, which is creative beings able to pull from the field of unlimited quantum possibilities.

If you would like these Coaching Sessions to focus on Intuitive or Mediumship Development then that would be fantastic! Just let me know how I can show up for you.

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45 minute – Intuitive Readings $55

Intuitive Readings are done remotely via video messaging (Skype, FB messenger, or Zoom). You are welcome to ask questions during the reading & we can focus on your choice of topics.

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