channeled readings & energy work

To book/schedule a reading with me please send an email to with the requested reading in the subject line.

3 Card Tarot reading

General or question based, 30 minute online tarot reading

$25 (Advanced Spread readings are available on request. Those typically take about an hour with a rate of $50.)

Distance Reiki Healing+Reading

30 minute online reading after 1 hr of distance energy work.

  • Channel a live message from your Higher Self or Guide
  • Introduce you to your guide
  • Re-align auric space
  • Balance chakras
  • Clear attachments & cut cords
  • Clear the energy in your home space

(Time left for answering questions of interest.)


Basic Clearing & Chakra Balancing

Reconnect you to your Higher Self & remove all blocks to source so that you can go back to feeling clear, energetic, & healthy again.

  • Balance all chakras
  • Cut cords
  • Ground you
  • Release attachments
  • Cross over any spirits in your field

(This is an extremely strong energetic session & done in-person at your location. Traveling expenses apply for distances over 60 miles from Staunton, VA.)

$250 for 1 Hr session

Intuitive Light Coaching & Channeled Reading

I can channel your Higher Self or Guides and use my psychic abilities to answer your questions and guide you in a beneficial direction for what you want to accomplish. 

$150 30 minute online session

$250 1 Hour online session