Paranormal Assistance

House Clearing

If you are experiencing paranormal activity & it is not focused around an individual, rather it is centered in the home itself, then this option will be available only after an interview (via phone or skype) & an in-person energy assessment (typically done in the same visit as the clearing).

  • Walkthrough of the home for a full energy assessment. (While I do the energy reading of the home personally, I may also bring an associate [or associates] to take baseline readings & record audio/video during the visit. This material is kept fully confidential & is only used for documenting anomalous activity levels.)
  • The process of actually clearing the space takes approximately 2-4 hrs. The source of activity will be removed & cleared. (I do require that small children, under the age of 16, not be present during this process.)
  • I will also bless the house upon completion.

I take my work very seriously and obviously my time is limited so I choose to accept clients for this service on a case by case basis and handle each case personally from beginning to end. If you would like to discuss this option then you will need to schedule an interview (free of charge). Cost for the clearing is negotiable, again based on need. I will & do travel for this service & traveling expenses due apply.

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**While the associate/s assisting in the energy assessment of the home are experienced investigators with Black Raven Paranormal, the house clearings that I offer are separate from & not directly affiliated with services offered by Black Raven Paranormal. 

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