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Create the Life you were meant for!

Quantum Light Coaching sees the client as a spiritual person having a human experience, recognizing spirituality and therefore spiritual healing, to cultivate a more ‘holistic’ approach in achieving personal growth.

Problems and challenges are seen as the result of limiting beliefs, disorder, and imbalance in our lives. We can work toward self-completeness, overcoming adversity and obstacles, and attaining personal growth when we put certain key elements back in balance and focus on expanding our awareness to who we truly are, which is creative beings able to pull from the field of unlimited quantum possibilities.

We need to investigate your experiences and any disabling beliefs and patterns that may be running to focus on the development and implementation of strategies that can reach client identified goals of enhanced performance and personal satisfaction.

My focus is to help people back to a place of healing and alignment with their higher-self through expanded awareness. I bring more to the coaching table with my ability to connect with energy and see people’s timelines to help pinpoint certain areas in their life that may need guidance.

My enhanced sessions are done in conjunction with NLP & Metaphysical Hypnosis, Reiki, and/or intuitive guidance. Each session lasts approximately 60-90 mins and can be done via phone or video-chat.

$150 per session (Different rates apply for multi-wk coaching packages)

Coaching Consultation

Let me meet you where you are, and walk with you to where you’re going.

**To inquire about One-on-One sessions or to book appointments please fill out the contact form below. Requests are typically answered within 48 hours.