3 Techniques to Hack Cognition & Develop Intuitive Insight

Wouldn’t it be awesome to develop your ability to receive intuitive insight? Or maybe you already receive psychic impressions but would like to develop and enhance your ability further?

For many years I have studied metaphysics and quantum physics but as a psychic medium with full range extrasensory ability I have also spent many years learning to understand and adapt my abilities. I have perfected my processes to the point that I can ‘read’ energy on many different levels simultaneously, with a great deal of accuracy, and I am always exploring ways to advance them further still.

The scientific aspect of what I do has always been fascinating to me, so I have pursued my research into paranormal activity, psychic energy expression, and stages of consciousness. I travel the country with the Black Raven Paranormal team investigating and researching some of the countries most haunted locations. My research has supported my belief that psychic ability can be a learned trait. There are many in the field that believe these extrasensory abilities are only gifted to the few and I find that an inaccurate, misplaced logic built around the Ego’s need to feel special. I am no more special than you, simply better trained at my skill, and I coach clients daily on how to take their abilities to the next level with amazing results.

In this post I will share 3 techniques that will allow you to begin to develop and/or enhance your ability to perceive intuitive insight but first we need to get technical. The brain is quite a complex component of our biological make-up and I am not an expert on neurodynamics by any means. However, there is data present in the research of cognitive functions, such as perception, that lines up with these techniques in such a way that it cannot be ignored.

Everything in the known (and unknown) Universe is frequency and vibration based. Each vibration and frequency have their own energy signature and information (or consciousness) encoded within it. For the purposes of this article we’ll look at the different frequencies of our biological computer, the brain, and more specifically how they relate to not only perception but of insight with regards to problem solving.

Brain waves are divided into 5 ranges that denote a dominant frequency. These waves fluctuate and often the brain emits different frequencies simultaneously.

brain waves blog


Below is an excerpt from Brain World Magazine regarding a 2009 study that suggests a correlation between gamma wave bursts and creative insight:

“In the volunteers that experienced insight, Kounios and Beeman found a distinctive spark of high gamma activity that would spike one-third of a second before volunteers consciously arrived at an answer. Additionally, the flash of gamma waves stemmed from the brain’s right hemisphere—an area involved in handling associations and assembling parts of a problem. Gamma activity indicates a constellation of neurons binding together for the first time in the brain to create a new neural network pathway. This is the creation of a new idea. Immediately following that gamma spike, the new idea pops into our consciousness, which we identify as the Aha! Moment.

In addition, Kounios and Beeman noted a burst of slower, alpha-band activity over the right visual cortex—an area of the brain that controls our sight—occurring immediately prior to the burst of gamma waves. This unexpected finding suggests that the brain is quieting the neurons in that area to reduce the amount of distraction and visual interference taken in—similar to everyday circumstances, the way we close our eyes or look away when concentrating on a question—which then allows insight to pop into awareness.

For Steven Johnson, author of “Where Good Ideas Come From,” the secret of generating the aha! moment lies in the notion of “thin air,” which he asserts is anything but. Rather, these moments are actually a relatively predictable outcome that arises from certain pre-conditions.”

(You can read the entire article here: http://brainworldmagazine.com/aha-moment-science-behind-creative-insight/ )

With regards to states of enhanced awareness and psychic receptivity there are clear similarities between these findings and my processes or rather, my intentional pre-conditions. Whether there are high levels of gamma activity when I am perceiving and interpreting psychic energy, I don’t know.  But if there is an increase in the formation of new neural network pathways during relaxed sleep states and moments of high gamma activity, I believe that thru practice and replication you can actually create and refine a new, more heightened, level of perception.


  1. Meditation & Getting Grounded

Meditation, as defined by Wikipedia is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness. Specifically, what we’re after are meditations that get you grounded and induce a Theta brain wave as this is where the magic happens. Being grounded means that you are present in the moment which is where psychic information can be found. The monkey mind will have you all over the place, past and future, missing the very subtle spikes of information when it comes in. It is often misunderstood that psychic impressions are to come during meditation. While that can happen, meditation should be viewed, in this context, as the tool for teaching the mind the space to sit in that allows the intuitive insight an opportunity to be received. Or as Steven put it, the pre-conditioned notion of ‘thin-air.’ You’ll want to practice these types of meditations to the point where you can bring on this state by will or rather to remember it. There are 2 specific points I teach my students that will help in this matter. One is to create a special place in your imagination that is entirely your own and brings about a sense of calm, relaxed, peace. You would imagine yourself in this place first, and then proceed with the Theta inducing meditation. With practice, you will be able to recreate the calmer levels of brain activity by simply imagining yourself in that special place because the brain doesn’t necessarily know the difference between real and imagination. The second technique involves the use of post-hypnotic suggestions which are made to specify an action to be performed after awakening, often in response to a cue, built to replicate the same state of mind.  I have created a meditation/hypnosis meant to simulate these factors which includes a post-hypnotic suggestion. My meditation is available below:


  1. Lessen Exterior Distractions

While submerging yourself into sensory deprivation may sound counterintuitive to creating a heightened state of awareness it is the key as mentioned in the findings above. Remember, the overall point is to create the right pre-conditions for receiving so while it is important to practice heightened awareness for all your 5 senses, in the moments you intend to connect with psychic energy you first want to lessen the distractions available to your mind. The exact way that I achieve this will be outlined below in the details of my process.


  1. Asking Open Ended Questions

Intuition comes via the path of least resistance so once the relaxed state of mind is achieved and you have lessened the external physical stimuli, the next phase is to allow the brain to do what it does naturally, which is to problem solve. For this to work you have to stay in a place of non-logic and simply allow the answers to come through without judgment of or the need to control them. This takes considerable practice but the best advice I can give here is to go with whatever shows up in the first 3 seconds.  And keep funneling through questions so long as you are getting answers. If you begin to logic what you get and focus on what you’re doing as the observer rather than simply allowing yourself to do it, you will shift into Beta which is more like sending than receiving.


Practicing the above techniques and establishing a process that becomes almost unconscious should be your goal. To understand better how the flow of this works, I’ll explain my own process.

To begin, I take a couple deep breaths that get me grounded and present. Then I allow my mind to relax into the familiar non-engaged, daydream state. There doesn’t need to be any long drawn out ritual here, that’s what practicing the above techniques is for. I simply intend to be present, grounded, and relaxed in the moment. Then I take a deep breath in and as I do I allow the outside world to drift away on the exhale. To set this intention firmly, I see myself surrounded by my aura and look at it as if it’s a blank canvas. I can only describe this as similar to being in a sensory deprivation tank. Feelings, sounds, and sights drift off to the distance and a sort of hum takes over. This is my zero point and everything that comes in after is relevant. It’s important to note that I do not consciously hold this space. If I was actively trying to block things out that would include the intuitive insight and would not yield a very fruitful session.

Quite often, I will look down and off into the distance with a soft gaze. I will also move my eyes a bit to avoid anything from coming into focus. At this point, I begin with questions: What do I see, hear, feel, & know? Again, these are open ended questions that I am allowing answers to come for, rather than actively trying to answer them. For me, this process has become second nature, so I find that I rarely have to consciously pose questions anymore and the answers simply begin to pop in.

Practice and patience are paramount in your psychic development journey so just enjoy what shows up as you create a process that’s right for you.


I offer one-on-one psychic development coaching so if you’re interested in working with me contact me at sacredsoulgateways@comcast.net

**The Black Raven Chronicles, a TV documentary show that follows the Black Raven Paranormal team on our investigations, features my walkthroughs where I energetically read each location that we visit. In the show you will notice aspects of my process that I’ve detailed above. To watch Season One of the Black Raven Chronicles, visit the YouTube Playlist Link below:

Finding Your Way

“How do you manage to stay so balanced and grounded?” That seems to be the million dollar question and lately, it’s been posed to me many times. I guess the shortest version to that answer is that I’ve found my way; it’s not a carefree kind of way, or even a stress free kind of way, it’s just my way & it fits.

I’m far from care free in fact I’m one of those types of people who cares too much (if that’s even a thing). My empathic ability allows me to feel on a level most couldn’t even comprehend. When people close to me hurt, I hurt. When I see sadness in someone’s eyes I feel that sadness in my heart. When you’re down, I’m down there with you BUT I don’t stay there, & I don’t focus on being there. I turn my attention to the magic of getting up. I care enough that nurturing, helping, & healing people has become my life’s work.

My life isn’t stress free either, heaven knows I have my ‘stuff.’ In fact, Life has handed me my fair share of that ‘stuff’ & truth is, I’m all the better for it. Experience breeds wisdom & I’ve gotten up enough times that I can’t help but see the magic of it. Perspective my friends is everything. Don’t confuse this concept with thinking positive & your life then magically being filled with unicorn sparkles. Truth is, life will assuredly hand me more stuff tomorrow or the next day or the day after that, dependent upon what I allow myself to line up with in each moment.

Through it all, I will choose to expect miracles. I will learn what I can from my obstacles & move past them. I recognize my limits are my own & so I don’t set any. I spend my days seeking out things that bring me joy. I keep my focus on allowing life to be everything that I need it to be and have faith in knowing that it will. I trust myself because I know my strength & it is a force not to be reckoned with. I know that it’s not my job to please everyone, and so I don’t try. My heart is open and I act through love which provides me the opportunity to meet others where they are without judgment. I seek out my truth & then I do my best to live it. This is my way.

Find your way. Your heart knows more than you think; trust it. Allow yourself to FEEL & be guided by your emotions. Love yourself enough to know that you’re not always going to be balanced. Contrast will sometimes knock you off your center & that’s okay. Resistance, focus and allowance define where you are; be present to that. You can only ever hope to be in alignment with who you really are in each moment. Worry & suffering bring you out of the moment & slam you into the traumas of your past or the fears of your future. Peace comes now, never later. Fact is, I feel like I lost my way a bit these past few weeks & I’m grateful to those who brought my attention back to doing what I need to do for me.

Remember too that there are many who will try to tell you that “you’re doing it wrong” & to those people I would say they’ve missed the biggest point. Life isn’t about stressing yourself out over following outside agendas. It’s about living a life that brings you joy, happiness, & peace. Besides, ‘wrong’ is just a word made up by people who needed to feel ‘right.’

Weekly Flow March 13th – March 19th

Monday & Tuesday

The flow kicking this week off is one of sorrow on an existential level. Welcome to Monday, right? The focus here is on questioning the foundations of life; Does it have any meaning, purpose, or value?


We can begin to see the state of the world and the suffering of humanity which leaves us sad. When the existential crisis moves center stage, we experience the view that existence is suffering. There is real pain here, not just by those who suffer, but by those who recognize it and for many, it is becoming impossible to ignore.

It is said frequently that many people are just being too sensitive and I must fully disagree. People aren’t feeling near enough empathy for the world around them and the need for an existential crisis is born.

You are coming to realize that ‘something’ is wrong. You will analyze it, it will not feel good, and then you will be anxious.

Feeling such extreme sadness is damn scary and avoided by most. The truth though is that feeling powerless with anxiety can lead to healing as this awareness is necessary to change your world. Deep spiritual suffering often leads to a desire to make things better. Don’t escape these feelings, instead let them teach you their lessons. Remember that we can most easily move through negative emotions by engaging them fully.

Although you may not personally be going through a Dark Night of the Soul, many people are which can and will affect you.

Wednesday & Thursday

The second half of the week provides us opportunities to experience compassion. This flow calls to question how we can achieve inner peace and we do this by becoming a vessel for love. Love creates love and unbiased happiness without agenda creates peace. When we allow ourselves to connect to Source with the intention of filling our hearts with love it becomes an act of compassion for ourselves AND for others.


Be open to all experiences and clear of expectations. The most important reminder here is that you must be able to love yourself to love others; you must be able to give love to receive it. Practice compassion in all that you do.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

The flow for the weekend is much lighter; one of contentment and delight but that doesn’t mean everything is perfectly as you want it.

There is always more-more being offered, more being wanted, more being taken. However, the secret is not to have what you want, but to want what you have.

Count your blessings. Stop wishing for what you don’t have. Being content with what you do have will provide you satisfaction and happiness. Remember that happiness is a choice and state of being.

Say yes to your social nature and have fun! I believe the saying is ‘Lighten up & Laugh a little.’ And if you are wishing for something, be careful what you wish for.

This week we’re reminded to truly consider what would satisfy us and not just what we think we want. I encourage you to ponder these questions: Where do you find peace? Where do you find true happiness? What feels you with a feeling of connection to the Universe and others?

Blessings to you!

Enhanced Awareness

Expanding Perception to the level of enhanced awareness is about first becoming present in the moment and shifting your focus from the thinker to the observer.

The unconscious mind is always listening (receiving impressions from stimuli), filtering necessary, pertinent data and transferring it to our conscious minds as qualia. Qualia as defined by David Chalmers, are the “raw sensations of experience.”  It is this process that affords us awareness, of both ourselves and of our realities. Qualia and the thoughts that come from bearing witness to it are subjective and therefore filtered through our own previous (and current) assimilation of the world around us. This subjective aspect becomes important to the degree of which we wish to interpret the impressions and I’ll speak more on that in a later post.

There are numerous factors involved that determine what makes it into our awareness and what is filtered out but the process itself is a sort of ‘conditioned reflex’ that can ultimately be re-conditioned.


As you sit there reading this, you are focused on the words on this page. You are following along and reading the words one after the other. What you’re also doing is filtering out simple noises and physical sensations that are not necessary to achieving the task of continuing to read. If I ask you to stop reading, close your eyes and take a deep breath, and as you exhale allow the room to settle around you, you may begin to become aware of multiple background sounds that you can’t quite remember hearing just a moment ago. You might also become aware of the room temperature, a slight breeze perhaps. You may notice the feeling of muscle strain from sitting in your chair. These things were most likely present when you were reading but until you consciously chose to override the degree of filtering done by your unconscious mind, they did not present themselves to you.

Like many people, I am of the belief that all people have some degree to which they perceive extrasensory impressions but for the majority those impressions never quite make it to your conscious mind or are lost in translation.

When we become present, truly present in the moment, and we allow the room and our minds to settle we are much more likely to become aware of subtle psychic impressions. When we step back as the observer we then put more emphasis on what we’re receiving versus what we think about it. When we think about it, especially in the beginning, we fall into the doubt trap. Doubt is like quicksand, steer clear of it.


This present state of enhanced awareness is what I refer to as ‘read mode.’ Many psychics will describe having an on/off switch allowing them to move between read mode and normal day to day functions to avoid becoming overwhelmed by too much stimuli. The specific techniques and processes used for training the brain to move in and out of this receptive state are vast but the simplest of those is meditation.

Many people who look to develop psychically mistakenly believe they are to receive psychic impressions while in a meditative state and while this is sometimes true, the point of meditation in this instance, is to teach the brain how to expand the level of awareness, while observing in a more controlled fashion.

Creating and maintaining a meditative practice will serve you well in more ways than you can imagine. If this is already part of your daily routine then fabulous, please by all means, continue. If meditation is new to you then my advice is to keep is simple. Begin with the mind-set that “you can do this and you will do this,” and then do it. Below you will find a very simple meditation that will begin to create a doorway in your mind to expanded awareness.

Understand that with this meditation there are no end goals aside from doing it and so you cannot fail. Begin with three minutes, once per day, and slowly work yourself up to 5-10 minutes as you get more accustomed to it. Sit comfortably with your spine straight yet relaxed. How exactly you sit is of no concern. In the beginning try to arrange a quiet space where you will not be interrupted.

Begin by slowly breathing in through your nose to the count of 4. Hold the breath for the count of 2. Then slowly exhale through your nose to the count of 4. Repeat this breathing process a total of three times. After this you can just allow yourself to relax into a slow, steady breathing.

As you breathe just focus on your breath, in and out. You’ve allowed the room to settle and now you’re just going to observe your breath. As other thoughts move into your mind observe them and then let them go by drifting back to your breath. Same thing with sounds; as you become aware of them just observe, let go, and return to your breath. During this meditation, you are simply observing whatever happens to show itself to you. When you are done slowly bring yourself back to your normal waking state.

[LADIES] Take a Goddess Day!

Women are naturally high vibrating beings. They vibrate with a faster & higher pitch but it takes a bit of work to maintain that in today’s society. Our energy quite literally steps out & BECOMES part of the things we create, we nurture, we perfect. In all cases when you give you get. What is the quality of what you’re getting & is it a fair exchange? Real answer, a lot of the time, NO.

Without grounding & rejuvenation at some point chaos can consume you & you enter the hot mess zone. Seriously though, as ladies we know what that means & we also know we’ve all had our go at it. Frazzled, fatigued, anxious & then too fatigued to even be anxious. You get to a point where you know you need a minute to regain your composure but no such minute exists & so you step out anyway.

Understand that from an energetic point of view the spirit is limitless & so technically speaking you obviously have energy even in your lowest moments or you’d be dead to be frank. But on a spiritual scale of what you need to be whole, well at this point you’re giving away energy on credit.

Take a Goddess Day, and I’ll get back to reminding you of what that is in a minute (and as ladies trust me you already know.) We have to first get past the negative connotations of what it means to be a women who does for her first. It drives me bat shit crazy that these negative views even exists in the first place but they do. We have this tendency to make things into duties & then we feel guilty when we don’t uphold them.

The real truth though is our only duty is to ourselves & when we allow ourselves to be whole we offer a much better version to those things we create, we nurture, we perfect, and then we inspire.

The drop off from whole to frazzled depends on the person & how well they remember themselves. Some of you know just when to take a time out. Others visit the hot mess zone so frequently that if they’re not careful someone might start charging them rent for it. Either way, make the time for yourself to step out. Enjoy a Goddess Day.

This day is meant to be filled with all things that make you feel alive, whole, & empowered as the badass Goddess that you are. Bubble baths, manicures, dress up, help someone, smile, read, slow down, sit in nature, visit with friends, shop, drink coffee…whatever it is, do you. Show up as the best you for the entire day & watch it make you come alive. Treat yourself! The trick is to do it with no guilt. You do deserve it, trust me.


A discussion on Negative Thought Forms & Villisca as example…

Officials: Man at Iowa ‘murder’ house stabs self…
Associated Press


“VILLISCA (AP) — Authorities say a man staying overnight at a southern Iowa house where several brutal murders took place in 1912 has been hospitalized following a self-inflicted stab wound.

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office says Robert Laursen Jr., of Rhinelander, Wisconsin, was found early Friday inside the Villisca Axe Murder House with a stab wound. Investigators determined it was self-inflicted.

Laursen was eventually airlifted to an Omaha hospital. The Daily Nonpareil reports a hospital spokeswoman declined to provide details on his condition.

The Villisca Axe Murder House is the location of eight unsolved murders in 1912. The house and affiliated museum are popular with tourists who believe the structure is haunted. Owner Martha Linn says Laursen was part of a family group of paranormal investigators staying overnight.”
-Story created November 7, 2014

This story has sense created a frenzy among the paranormal community & with it a flurry of speculations. I too will throw out my own speculations but not without thorough explanation of what is, & for the sole sake of pointing out the lesson here.

Villisca Ax Murder House
Villisca Ax Murder House

The Villisca Ax Murder House, 508 East 2nd Street, Villisca, Iowa has quite the past. In 1912 8 people brutally lost their lives, at the hand of an ax wielding madman, while they slept peacefully in their beds. As if this fact alone weren’t horrifying enough I should point out that 6 of the 8 were children.

This terrible crime was one that did not come with justice as the killer, to this day, is still unknown. There are of course many theories as to who the killer was but none of which are relevant to the point of this blog so we’ll save that debate for another day.

People from all walks of life have found interest in this location as it is believed by many that the spirits of those killed still reside there & some even believe the spirit of the killer to be present within the home as well.


My visit to the Ax Murder House:

In May Black Raven Paranormal traveled half-way across the country for a slated two-night investigation of the Villisca Ax Murder House.

We arrived at night & after 22 hours of travel the only thing on the immediate agenda was sleep but we awoke the following morning ready to go.

Upon arrival at the house we spent some time walking the grounds, I did a walk-through of the house, & we were given a tour as well as a brief history to the happenings there.

I also was lucky enough to have the opportunity to interview Roy Marshall & Johnny Houser. Roy Marshall is the author of Villisca The true account of the unsolved mass murder that stunned the nation. He is one of the foremost researchers into the crime & surrounding events. Johnny Houser has spent the past several years as a caretaker to the property of sorts & has a huge standing in the paranormal community.

During my chat with Johnny we discussed my impressions from the walk-through as well as some of his experiences within the house & his interpretation of the energy within it.



The 1st night of our two-night investigation involved one team investigating the house & the other team, of which I was a part, investigating the cemetery a few blocks away where the victims are buried. Although experiences were had in the cemetery it was the occurrences of the following night with regard to our investigation of the house that brought even more clarity to my initial impressions.

I was able to connect with the construct of the mother & the  two children who did not belong to Sarah Moore & who simply happened to be staying over that tragic night. In paranormal terms the energy of these two children, the Stillinger girls, was that of a residual type. Nothing more than a lasting imprint cast from the energies who were not easily crossed over. There’s a very sad aspect to this that lends itself to the whole but for now I will simply say that when these girls passed they were not in the comfort of their family & still resonated with them to the point that the energies lingered. There were also 2, what are commonly called trickster spirits. These 2 spirits make up for the majority of the paranormal activity being perceived in the location. Yes, they are toying with you.

The house itself felt very heavy, the energy within those walls was palpable & became even more intense as you entered the attic. Upon entering this space I got the very strong impression of a shadow mass that was pulsating. As I mention during the interview I believe it to be what would best be described as a non-dimensional energy. Meaning an energy that has not manifested into this physical dimension as a human-being. Instead it is a negative thought form that exists outside of our dimension. What is that, a negative thought-form? Well firstly I will tell you what it is not. It is not a demon, & it is not the spirit of the killer.

Negative thought forms are masses of negative energy with such focus & intensity that they quite literally become entities in & of themselves. This is truly difficult to explain in words but the theory is closely related to that of the true explanation to poltergeist activity. The expression of uncontrolled manifested bursts of energy from that of a living person (typically a teenage female) rather than that of a deceased being. In these poltergeist experiences the energy manifested through the living person create outbursts of energy in our physical reality that take on the form of loud, destructive thought forms. The more intense the energy bursts the more intense & well-defined the thought form. This same concept is the explanation for these negative thought forms, these creations of negative energy that are shaped & strengthened by the negative thoughts focused into them.

When & where this negative thought form came from I am unsure but I believe it to have been there in 1912 when the murders took place. I also believe it to have been witnessed by Mr. Kelley & described by him as a shadow.

Over the 100 plus years since the murders this negative thought form has remained. It has quite literally soaked into the walls & because of the extreme nature of the events that have transpired there it has reason to stay. It exists because it exists. What I mean by that is that 1,000’s of people have traveled to this home in an attempt to somehow connect with it. There definition of what ‘it’ is literally defines it. Through these connections (some of which I believe to be negative in nature) they have fueled its very continuation. The energy grid on the property alone is intense & so this thing just lingers. One could not consider it intelligent by the definition we use but contains within it an instinct & intuition that allow it a different type of intelligence, one fueled by desire to exist.


And so we arrive at present day happenings & find ourselves asking how, why, & maybe even why now?

What do we know about what happened? He was alone in a room of the house at the time of the incident. He & the people with him were holding a paranormal investigation (to what degree is to be debated later). This was a group of people who had been there before & his family had asked for the hospital personnel to not release info on his status in the hospital.

There are a million variables involved in how a negative thought form can engage in this physical reality but there is one fundamental truth that speaks loudly here. This is ultimately a vibrational universe of which all things that resonate at like vibrations will be attracted.

My perspective of what happened recently in Villisca where a man ended up with a self-inflicted stab wound is that quite possibly his vibration was low enough to connect with the negative thought-form. This connection allows a type of influence. I am not suggesting that he was possessed so please throw away that notion. I am simply saying that he resonated with what’s there & this can be potentially problematic.

Did he do it because he wanted attention, was his mental state questionable, or was it an accident? We don’t know for sure but what I can say is that all of the above equal a negative, low vibration. One that potentially came into alignment with the negative vibration already there. I think it’s imperative that investigators especially have some understanding of how this works. Even without knowing exactly what happened we can learn from it if we choose to.

Of course there are those who would prefer the paranormal angle of things not be discussed, that we not lend interest to the assumption that what happened did so because of an outside energy or a possession of sorts. I decided to post about this particular incident not to say this is what happened but instead to draw attention to the potentials behind negative energies & that of protection. This occurrence happens to be full of potentials & I think it wise to be educated on what those can be when working with spirit & energy. Spirits & entities are ultimately vibrations of energy void of the body the rest of us still have & yet can & do affect us if we are not consciously aware of our own thoughts & energy.

The subject of protection when working with spirits is a shot in the foot but still one discussed heavily in the paranormal community & quite frankly spiritual communities as well. What people need to understand is that their vibration will depict what vibrations connect with them, become attracted to them, & can ultimately influence them through influencing their vibration. This is a Universal Law at play & affects you every day of your life.

Anything that lowers your vibration puts you in direct alignment with those low-level negative energies. Am I saying you shouldn’t be protecting yourself energetically before an investigation? Kind of (and yes, I’m quite aware of the backlash that will most likely ensue from my statement). What I am saying is that you ultimately need to focus your attention on raising your vibration & this can’t be done through fear. When you know that having a high vibration will make it nearly impossible to be influenced by a negative vibration then you are in a protected state; one void of fear.

So what happens now at the Villisca house? My concern is that people will enter into this house with one of two mentalities. The first being that they hope for a similar occurrence to happen during their visit, not necessarily that they themselves will be stabbed but that something will attempt to influence them in a way that they can capture evidence of. Let’s be real, some of us paranormal junkies really live for the adrenaline rush of it. The other mentality is one of fear; that what happened might possibly happen again & now they’ve become afraid. Based on my explanations above you can see why both are a recipe for disaster.

The question I get asked most is do I ever get afraid, has there ever been a time while investigating that I felt fearful. My answer is always no. I raise my vibration before-hand & I keep it there.

I’ve heard several people point to the fact that they should stop overnight investigations or possibly screen the people who would like to visit. I fully support Martha & Johnny in their endeavors with the house. I’m not sure what their choice will be but I’m going to go so far as to say that it might not even be a choice if we took personal responsibility for what we do & how exactly we do it.

As for Mr. Laursen, I wish him prayers of healing & I extend those prayers to all involved.




Back to Gettysburg…

On July 11th we took a trip back to Gettysburg, PA for a 2-night, split-team investigation of the Hoffman Mansion. I truly enjoy Gettysburg because of the vast history & the impact of the events that occurred there, but let’s be real, as a medium it can be difficult & slightly overwhelming.

We arrived a couple hours before the scheduled investigation & it was super neat to find that it was Bike Week in Gettysburg. Huge shout out to all of the riders, there were beautiful bikes everywhere.




Our investigation was set up through Gettysburg Ghost Tours/Paranormal Association. We were provided a guide who gave us a brief history of the location & kept an eye on the grounds during our lockdown. Below is the information provided on the Hoffman Mansion via the Gettysburg Paranormal Association website.

“The Eisenhower Hotel and Conference Center is built upon a 123 acre dairy farm once owned by the Hoffman family. The Hoffman’s original barn and farmhouse still stand on the property near Emmitsburg rd, the approximate battle line of Pickett’s charge during the battle of Gettysburg. The Hoffman Mansion sits on the front of the property, and during the battle of Gettysburg was used as a field hospital for the union army during and after Pickett’s charge.”


We were also told that some years after the war the woman of the house committed suicide there.

Black Raven Paranormal investigates the Hoffman Mansion – Gettysburg, PA.

Night 1

  • Dawn Rogers
  • Andi Brown
  • Mandy Hustun Belue
  • Joyce Turner

Night 2

  • Marty Seibel
  • Michael Hoover
  • Ace Fridley
  • Becky Graham
  • Michelle Brown
  • Jaime Robison


This blog post is for my own personal experiences on location. For more info & evidence captured by Black Raven Paranormal visit our website at www.BlackRavenParanormal.com


The Hoffman Mansion

The Mansion is gorgeous despite the fact that it has sat empty for some time. The feeling there is indeed very heavy. LOTS of residual energy especially outside on the grounds.

During our investigation I was able to connect with a man named Richard who I believe to have been a Union Officer & a woman named Sarah.

Richard was soft spoken & distant yet on more than one occasion throughout the night when he would come through there was also the faintest sound of music playing, similar to what you would hear with a crank jewelry box, & I do believe at one point I heard his disembodied laugh (unfortunately I was unable to capture that).

Sarah gave me nothing beyond her name, the fact that she was clearly there in the house, & that she would prefer to stay distant as to avoid being ‘drug through it’. At one point during the night myself & Andi heard a female voice call out twice from the direction of the attic saying only, “Help.” This I was able to capture:

The rest of the investigation went well & the following night the second team had their go at the Mansion.

I will admit I was surprised to find very little info on the location. Typically I go into an investigation blind but after the fact I research the location to verify evidence captured. Google had little to offer

Gettysburg was once again a trip to be remembered!

A completed Case File of Black Raven Paranormal’s investigation of the Hoffman Mansion will be uploaded to www.BlackRavenParanormal.com upon completion.

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How to See & Sense the Aura

The aura is an energy field that surrounds all things though living beings tend to have a stronger aura than inanimate objects. The aura can be seen by anyone who can generate an alpha brain wave. Sensing the aura comes quite naturally to us as human beings and seems relatively easy for empaths.

There are three different layers to the aura. The Etheric Aura lies immediately next to the skin, completely surrounding the body and stretches outward anywhere from ¾” to 2” thick. It varies in shades of whites, grays, light blues, and yellows. The Astral Aura lies just beyond the Etheric Aura and extends on average out to about 3ft. The Astral Aura can shrink in closely to the body but can also be expanded out quite a far distance. It is within the Astral Aura that a clairvoyant will see color. The Astral Aura is surrounded by the Auric Shell and it is here that you would see holes, cracks, and energetic aura connections.

The technique I will give you here to see the aura uses a type of vision perfected by WWII fighter pilots who used it to spot targets in the dark and requires peripheral vision. This type of peripheral sight causes you to register the area around the top of your head and shoulders on the rod cells of your eyes that are the black and white receivers, not the cone cells, which see color in the physical world. Remember that alpha brain waves are required here so take your time with the first steps to thoroughly relax your mind.

Sit comfortably in a room with a dim light source and position yourself in front of a mirror. Calm and center yourself with three slow, deep, complete breaths. Look into the mirror and gaze at a point roughly 6” above your head and 2” behind it. Keep your eyes focused on the spot above your head and use your hand to help as a focal point. Then look with your peripheral vision at the top of your head. As you use this peripheral soft-focus you will see the sharp line of your etheric aura surrounding your head and shoulders. It will become easier with practice and eventually you will be able to see the Etheric Aura around everything in any kind of light. Once you can see your Etheric Aura clearly slowly move your focal point higher to about 12” to 14” above your head and again with your peripheral vision you will begin to see a hazy egg-shape between your hand and the top of your head above the Etheric Aura. This field is your Astral Aura. Try not to look directly at it or it will disappear. Once you’ve learned to see the aura around yourself, use the same technique to practice seeing the aura around others.

Sensing the aura can be different for everyone. You may feel heat, tingling, itching, or pressure.  There is no wrong or right way to ‘feel’ the aura. Just recognize whatever sensations you have.

Sit in a relaxed position with your hands palms upward resting on your thighs, eyes closed. Take three very deep complete breaths to ground and center yourself. As you breathe, focus on a point of light at the top of your head, first sending the breath to all parts of your body, then drawing it up into your head to help elevate your consciousness to achieve an alpha brain wave state. Visualize that light moving down your arms and into your hands. Extend your hands out in front of you, palms upward. Pay close attention to the skin on the palms of your hands, until you can begin to feel a slight vibration along the surface of each hand. Continue to be aware of the sensations moving along the surface of your skin until you actually feel your hands pulsing with energy. When your hands are tingling as if they are itching, turn them inward to face one another, palm to palm, but keep them about a foot apart. Gradually bring them together, closer and closer. As you do so, feel the pressure created between them by the movement. Bring them close together, but not quite touching. Now, begin to pull them apart slowly. You may feel a sensation almost like sticky dough being pulled apart, as you move them apart. When you get to about a foot width apart, slowly bring them back together again. You will find the resistance increases each time you do this, and when you pull them apart again, the feeling of sticky dough also increases. Now, for the second part of this exercise, pretend that you are holding a ball between your hands. Roll the ball around your palms as you feel the changes in the energy in your hands. This action, combined with your focused attention on your hands dramatically increases the amount of energy moving out of your palms. Now open your eyes and shake your hands out.

Balancing the Chakras

Chakra Body

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘wheel.’ Traditional writings say there are some 88,000 chakras in the human body. They are our psychic energy centers & they form connections between the physical body & the aura. The aura is just as much you as your physical body it just exists on the next plane up & carries a higher vibration. There are 7 major chakras located in key places along the spinal column from its base to the top of the head & they are the most significant. They are located in the ethereal body and they express the embodiment of spiritual energy on the physical plane. They carry life-force energy along the spine bringing this energy both up from the root & down from the crown. Having any of them blocked means the stuff you need for life does not get through. Ultimately, illness becomes directly related to the blockages that occur. All of the main chakras affect the physical body so strongly because each is connected to one of the body’s ductless glands.

The Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine & the color associated with it is red. The glands this center corresponds to are the gonads. This is where our fight or flight instinct comes from. It is our grounding center as it is the chakra most closely connected to the physical plane.

The Sacral Chakra is located 2 inches below your navel along your spine & the color associated with it is orange. It corresponds in the physical body to the spleen. It is the most creative center in a physical sense.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is located at the base of the sternum & the color associated with it is yellow. Its corresponding glands are the adrenals. This center is considered the seat of the lower mind & in it we find focus & concentration. It is also the storage center for raised energy that is not yet needed.

The Heart Chakra is located at the center of the chest & the color associated with it is green. The corresponding gland is the thymus. This center is considered the seat of unconditional love & the key to all healing work.

The Throat Chakra is located at the root of the tongue. It is the higher octave of the root center so it is highly creative & also strongly sexual. The color associated with it is blue & it corresponds to the thyroid gland. This is our center of will. The ability to manifest desires comes from this center. Mediumship & channeling are abilities that focus in this center & you need to be sure that it is strongly developed in those cases to remain in control.

The third eye or Ajna Chakra is located at the root of the nose, between the eyes & the color associated with it is deep indigo. This center is the doorway into the realm of spirit. When combined with the crown chakra it allows clairvoyant ability. It is the higher octave of the sacral center & again, highly creative. It corresponds with the pineal gland.

The Crown Chakra is often referred to as the thousand petal lotus which is located at the top of the head & the color associated with it is violet. Fully opened it expands consciousness to higher planes. Insight, intuition & wisdom from the higher self can be connected with via this chakra. The gland it corresponds to is the pituitary.

Open, healthy, & developed chakras equal the body being vibrant & filled with life force energy. It is important to open, develop, and balance ALL the chakras. As you develop them to carry more energy you create an expansion of consciousness & your psychic abilities begin to expand as well. Balanced chakras result in a stronger aura which makes it hard for outside negative influences to affect you energetically. This is the foundation of psychic protection.

You can balance & develop the chakras in numerous ways from yoga, color therapy, music, physical exercise, balancing using crystals or pendulums, to Reiki healing, but one of the simplest most effective ways that I have found to accomplish this is through meditation. Focus & thought are energy & directing energy towards those centers can be enough to begin the balancing process.

Chakra Balancing & Development Exercise:

Lie down or sit comfortably with your back supported. Close your eyes & take 3 deep breaths, blowing out all of your tensions on each exhale. In your mind’s eye see yourself floating over a lake of bright white light but still fluid like water.

Focus your attention on your root center. Take a deep breath in & imagine a small stream of that white fluid light rising up from the lake & entering in through your root center. Breath in deeply again & vision that center beginning to glow a powerful red. Breathe in again & see that red glowing center gaining in size & brightness.

Now focus your attention on your sacral center. Take a deep breath in and vision more of the bright white fluid light entering again through your root center but traveling up through the root center & beyond to your sacral center. Breathe in again & see this center begin to glow a vibrant orange. Breathe in again & see that orange glowing center gaining in size & brightness.

Now focus your attention on your solar plexus center. Take a deep breath in & imagine more of that white fluid light rising up again flowing through your root center & your sacral center & up into your solar plexus. Breath in again, drawing more of the light in through your chakras & vision your solar plexus beginning to glow a wonderful yellow. Breathe in again & see that glowing yellow center gaining in size & brightness.

Now focus your attention on your heart center. Take a deep breath in & imagine more of that white fluid light rising up again flowing through your root center & your sacral center & your solar plexus & into your heart center. Breathe in again, drawing more of the light in through your chakras & vision your heart center beginning to glow a brilliant emerald green. Breathe in again & see that glowing green center gaining in size & brightness.

Now focus your attention on your throat center. Take a deep breath in & imagine more of that white fluid light rising up again flowing up through your root center & your sacral center & your solar plexus & your heart center & up into your throat center. Breathe in again, drawing more of the light in through your chakras & vision your throat center beginning to glow a beautiful sky blue. Breathe in again & see that glowing blue center gaining in size & brightness.

Now focus your attention on your third eye. Take a deep breath in & imagine more of that white fluid light rising up again flowing up through your root center, your sacral center, your solar plexus, your heart center, throat center, & up into your third eye center. Breathe in again, drawing more of the light in through your chakras & vision your third eye center beginning to glow a deep indigo blue. Breathe in again & see that glowing deep blue center gaining in size & brightness.

Now move your focus up to your crown center. Take a deep breath in & imagine more of that white fluid light rising up again flowing up through your root center, your sacral center, your solar plexus, your heart center, your throat center, your third eye center, & up into your crown center. Breathe in again, drawing more of the light in through your chakras & vision your crown center beginning to glow a cool violet. Breathe in again & see that glowing violet center gaining in size & brightness.

Now breathe in deeply again & imagine the white fluid light flowing up through all of your chakras & shooting straight up & out through your crown chakra & raining back down over your entire body till you are covered completely by a fine bright white mist.

Relax & enjoy this feeling, slowly bringing yourself back to waking consciousness when you’re ready.

Love & Light,