As a spiritual born medium with extrasensory ability I learned early on that much existed beyond this physical world we experience daily. This non-physical energetic dimension shapes our lives in the most profound ways and we yearn for the knowledge needed to connect with it.

This connection of consciousness to the Akasha opens the doors to our psychic abilities, manifestation power, our inner healing ability, and we gain valuable access to Spirit. Making these connections allows us to become one with the spiritual beings we are and to experience the Joy that the Universe is more than ready to provide.

If you find yourself wondering “What else,” “What if,” or “How” then maybe you are ready for a transcendental journey of ascension and I hope that you will allow me to be your Muse.

I’ve spent my life learning about this non-physical world and how it directly affects us. My mission is to help others learn to establish and connect with their own gifts and divine purpose. Life is magical! Join me and allow your Higher Self to have a voice and point you in the direction of the REAL YOU where Joy is THE EXPERIENCE.

Love & Light,

Reverend, Dr. Dawn M. Rogers, CSC, CH, CRMT – Transcendental Muse